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  • Providing buyer consultation

  • Understanding buyer's budget and preferences

  • Creating listing portal link

  • Discussing certain property and giving professional opinions

  • Showing and doing a dedicated market comparison

  • Providing deep information of the identity property

  • Referring mortgage agent

  • Customizing the criteria

  • Sending and adjusting portal

  • Showing and comparing houses

  • Sending community stats

  • Submitting offers

  • Referring lawyer

  • Guiding walking through

  • Providing ongoing help

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  • Pulling up Market comparable sold listing

  • Giving the ask price suggestion and offer strategy

  • Guiding workers to fix problems

  • Suggesting staging type, items, and process

  • Borrowing items if becoming available

  • Providing photo and/or video service

  • Hosting open houses

  • Inquiring the feedbacks

  • Communicating positively with other realtors

  • Presenting offers

  • Analyzing market status

  • Negotiating with offers

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  • Checking property before list

  • Suggesting improvements if needed

  • Going through Schedule B with landlord

  • Communicating with the tenants ( if there have)

  • Making a proper showing schedule

  • Checking candidate credit

  • Verifying application

  • Arranging walking through inspection

  • Sending inspection report and picture proof to both parties

  • Providing ongoing property management services(optional)

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  • Providing Landing school selection, Education consultations & Life settlement consultation

  • Knowing people's budget and needs

  • Sending suitable listings

  • Showing the listings

  • Helping to prepare application forms and support documents

  • Providing Furniture installation service

  • Landing one stop service group members:

  • Kevin Chen

    School and Life settlement consultant

    Jie Meng

    Furniture Installer

    Kevin Hu




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2021 & 2020

Chairman Award Brokerage


Gold Award Brokerage Ontario Wide


Nicole Li

Nicole comes from a teacher and education administration background in China. After graduating from education management at Sichuan Normal University in Chengdu, she worked in a chain kindergarten center before she immigrated to Canada. She previously worked as an international language instructor, owner of Air bnbs and manager of student apartment and residential properties.


About me

Nicole has honed her communication skills and is adept at interacting with others. She takes care of her clients and always prioritizes their wants and needs. She actively listens to their requirements, encourages brainstorming sessions to explore various ideas, and works diligently to find realistic and suitable solutions. She has always adhered to professional standards, has a clear mind, and puts the interests of clients first.

Nicole's exceptional patience and strong professional skills set her apart. Her extensive 19-year real estate investment experience provides valuable insights into the market, enabling her to offer valuable guidance to her clients. She understands the complexities of real estate transactions and has helped numerous clients navigate through major life transitions.

If you're looking for a real estate realtor who puts your needs first and provides personalized attention, Nicole is the right choice. Contact her today to schedule a private consultation and experience the exceptional service she offers.

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Henry Wang
Nicole Li is the best agent I ever met. She is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, dedicated, excellent in providing advice to clients and quick in action and decision. She treats her clients like she treats her close friends, which is the best business policy for any trade. With her great help, I have found my satisfactory single house within ten days at our 2nd offer after visiting only nine houses. All my family members are happy with the 9-year-old home. During the 50 days transitional period, Nicole continues to help us for free to rent our townhouse and she successfully rented it to a satisfactory tenant. I'm also looking forward to working with Nicole on the next investment property I'm interested in.
Nikki & Brent
Nicole is the best. Since we were the first time buyer, we knew very little about houses and progress, she was out there to help us and guide us through the whole buying process. She was very flexible, professional and trustworthy. Always answers our questions and concerns day and night, stands from our perspective and truly cares about us, even after we made purchase. I would highly recommend her services.
Jane. L
With Nicole’s help , after searching many small towns near Ottawa, we finally bought our bungalow in Almonte, a very nice and beautiful community beside the Mississippi river. Nicole’s great experience and knowledge on the real estate market, along with her always keeping the best interest of her clients as priority made a big difference for us. She was not only an agent but also a great advisor, and helped us greatly in signing our new home. Thank you Nicole!
Louis Cai First Home Buyer
It was such a pleasure working with Nicole Li who has a high passion for her career. She patiently answered all our questions and shared all of her professional knowledge about the points to avoid for the first time home buyer. I would highly recommend her as she is very supportive and makes things very easy for the first home buyer.
Jenny Bai
Nicole Li was a wonderful real estate agent. She helped to find the exact house I was looking for. She is very professional and patient. Her negotiating skills are impressive. She is also able to provide extended service after the purchase ends. Absolutely 5 stars recommend.
I was so pleasant working with Nicole. She is very patient, professional and dedicates. She guided me step by step for the selling process and her explanation was very easy to understand and she worked very hard to keep every detail is perfect. I strongly recommended her to anyone who wishes to sell your house. You won't regret it!
Nicole Li is the best! A fantastic agent to work with. She made the entire process smooth and stress free. My home was only listed one week on the market, and she sold my house at a very good price! She was always available for my last minute questions and concerns. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, caring, kind and friendly! I highly recommend her to every one! Thank you so much, Nicole!
T. Shi
I would like to thank for Nicole's hard work, patience, and due diligence along the way. She smoothly guided me to find what I really want, balance the expectations, and focus on the main fact that would satisfy me most. She never pushed me to make the decision. Her knowledge and experience on different buildings are huge help to me, and she took my requests very seriously. I am so impressed by her enhanced due diligence. I plan to recommend Nicole to my friends, family, and colleagues who need real estate assistance in the future because she is definitely the best!